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Adventure, puzzle, mystery

What if people would go missing in a small town without leaving any trace? And what if it seemed like everyone around you was trying to cover things up? Are you going mad or is there a conspiracy at play?


Try to find clues and poke holes in the people's stories as you interview them. Find the truth and weed out the lies, uncover what really happened here. Follow in the footsteps of the people who have gone missing.


You’ll meet various characters throughout the town of Glenroch and you’ll have to decide who you can trust. But be wary as seeming allies can quickly turn to enemies with the flip of a coin.


Solve puzzles to access new areas and to uncover more of the mysterious disappearances.

Monkey Wizard Entertainment

Made by



Cissi Wallin - Programmer

Lukas Bergström - Game Writer

Rebecca Sjölander- Game Writer

Emelie Andreassen - Art

Emil Karlsson - Art

Petter Sumelius - Sound Design

Simon Kallio - Music Composer

Sean Sigfried - Music Composer


Special thanks:

Frans Alexandersson - Project lead for some time and helped planning out the layout of the game when -- we reworked aspects of the game.


Elin Öhrman and Malin Michalek - Worked as Graphics Artist and let us use their work when they could no longer keep working on the project.


Faefever is a 2D point and click adventure game, where you take on the role as the disgraced journalist Alice Taylor, investigating mysterious disappearances in a Scottish small town. You move through different environments where you can find people to talk to and items to add to your inventory.

When talking to characters, the player can ask questions and will have to reflect on the characters' answers in order to find out what is really going on.


Throughout the game, Alice will update her journal with her thoughts to document her investigation. The information she keeps in her journal can be used by the player to remind them of what has happened thus far.

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