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Depths of Europa


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Navigate an underwater cave network, avoid alien lifeforms and evacuate a team of researchers who are threatened by a monstrous creature.

Pocket Pizza Productions

Made by



Erik Larsson - Project Lead

Katarina Bilski - Design Lead

Joacim Orlov - Design

Nora Svensson - Graphics Lead

Gizela Wikström - Graphics

Gustav Frick - Graphics

Marissa Dewati Olsson - Graphics

Ola Brattrok Hallström - Game Writing Lead

Alexandra Petterson - Game Writing

Filip Petersson - Programming Lead

Andreas Söderlund - Programming

Per Bengtsson - Programming

Axel Olsson - Music Lead

Tove Backenroth - Music

Rasmus Flinck - Sound Lead

Anton I.E - Sound


You play as Lykke Caspersen, employee of Europa Research Company and pilot of the delivery submarine Hermes. For the coming month you will drive between the various research facilities beneath the ice on Jupiter’s moon Europa. However, during a visit at the deepest of the facilities a giant sea-monster emerges and starts attacking the facilities. It becomes your primary objective to evacuate all the researchers before they are eaten.
The caves under the ice form winding paths, making navigation one of the primary challenges of the game. Additionally, the caves house various dangers that must be handled in some way. Narrow paths and floating blocks of ice require some piloting skills, but the main threat are the predators. To avoid being eaten, the player must adapt to avoid attracting the various hunters in the depths. Some fish hunts anything that makes loud noises, while others attack shining lights.

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