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Cokora is a slow-paced puzzle game with focus on emergent gameplay, where you use your abilities to climb through a wondrous world.

Team Cokora

Made by



Magnus Jakobsson - Game Design, Project Manager, Music, Sound Design

Chloe Dunn-Asselin - Game Design

Oscar Olsson - Game Design


Antonia Kiili - Programming

Elliot Rosing - Programming

Elias Erkendal - Programming


Mariana Salimena - 2D Artist

Sara Göransson - 2D Artist

Jonatan Sleiers - 2D Artist


Robin Lingmerth - 3D Artist

Rami Khalfaoui - 3D Artist

Oskar Ivarsson - 3D Artist


Cokora is a slow-paced puzzle game with focus on emergent gameplay. You must use your jump and dash abilities in order to climb higher through the wondrous forest and make it back home to your siblings waiting high up in the nest. On your way, it will be up to you to explore your world and its obstacles, overcoming them in any way you see fit. Cokora is intended as a calm experience, where the main focus is to make you curious about exploring the world and your abilities. It’s a game where you can move with purpose and playfulness at your own pace, curiously wondering what’s behind the next corner of the forest.

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