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ATOS: A Tale Of Steam


Genre      -

Platform -

Adventure / Platformer

ATOS, a 3D platformer adventure game. With a unique grappling hook and ball transforming

mechanics. Explore the world and solve puzzles.

Cloud Fence Studios

Made by



Björn Ekenberg - Project manager / Game design

Andrew Brierly Chramer - Lead Game Design / Level design

Alexander Brierly Chramer - Programming

Joakim Mannerstål - Level design / Environmental artist / Tech artist

Jimme Lundin - Lead Art / Environment / Props

Kevin Breton - Sound design / Music

Kenny Gustavsson - Sound design

Johan Haubo - Art director / Logo design / 2D artist

Emmeli - 2D artist

Simon Norrmèn - Character artist / animation

Lisa Jansson - 3D art / Props

Dennis Åkesson - 3D art / Environment

Evelina Stenberg - 3D art / Props

Linda Hakanen - UI artist


Meet A.T.O.S. the Type V Pneumonic-mail-delivery-robot. He got to work this morning and discovered that the world had ended.

ATOS has so many questions. Where is everybody? Are all humans dead? Will there be any mail to deliver? Is there really a fire-breathing-seagull? Are there any other robots left?

Equipped with the latest C7 Remote MBO (Conical 7-pin Remote MailBox Opener) and a fearless mind he sets out into the world.

Use the cool grappling-hook and awesome ball rolling to solve the mystery by grappling, rolling and smashing.

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