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Adventure game where the main character finds out she’s in a game.

Walrush Studios

Made by



Emma Quennerstedt - Project Lead and Lead Story

Albin Grundström - Vice Project Lead and Lead Design

Iris Svensson - Design and Concept

Levi Gustafsson - Story

Jens Larsson - Lead Programmer

Dennis Fuchs - Programmer

Erik Gustafsson - Programmer

Adam Karlsson - Programmer

Malin Alexandersson - Lead Art

Jesper Karlsson - Art

Mirjana Mrdjen - Art

Sofie Norgren - Art

Johan Härnvi - Lead Music

Johan Wetterin - Music

Kevin Samuelsson - Lead Sound

Erik Larsson - Sound


The game is about Alexandra, or Alex as she’s called. Alex is a normal 17 year old girl who lives with her mother and little brother. One day her mother asks her to go up to the attic where she meets a house spirit who needs her help. Apparently there are a bunch of spirits trapped in the house and Alex has to free them, however on this quest Alex begins to realize that there is something more amyss about the world. She eventually finds out she’s a character in a videogame and has done all of this before, however this time things are different. The game has started bugging out so old solutions to puzzles no longer work. She needs to work with the player to use her knowledge to solve the altered puzzles and complete the game to hopefully restore order.

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