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Brave the darkness to find a way out, as well as finding all the pieces of the story and try to figure out the mystery behind it all...

Made by

Isip Games



Mathilda Tammemägi - 2D

Hampus Back - 3D

Michelle Power - 3D

Jacob Vaknin - Animation

Hans Degerfeldt Nilsson - Audio

Albert Olofsson - Audio

Johannes Du Rietz - Design

Henrik Risberg - Design

Anton Andersson - Music

Emil Bågeholm - Music

Anton Bergström - Programming

Jonathan Blidberg - Programming

Anna Kristoffersson - Programming

Gilbert Nordhammar - Programming

Josefin Berntsson - Writing

Paulin Engdahl - Writing

The player takes on the role of Lucy, who becomes trapped in a mine while searching for her wife. She has to find a way out, but also stay clear of the dangers that lurk in the dark.

To do this she must create light, both by activating old generators in the mine as well as using her flashlight. The flashlight runs on batteries, and Lucy needs to find these to make sure she always has enough.

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