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Cosette's Cassettes

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A casual music mobile game with 90s aesthetics. Repair cassettes through minigames to unlock their story on the B-side audio diary.

Made by

Team Tangled Tape



Joakim Hedström - Project Manager/Writer

Cornelis Westin - Lead Writer

Agnes Benkö - Writer

Henrik Lennartsson - Lead Programmer

Hannes Gustafsson - Programmer

William Jarlow - Programmer

Oliver Karlsson - Programmer

Marcus Lagström - Programmer

Melker Bergenkull - Lead Designer

August Hassnert - Designer

Rebecca Novara - Lead Art

Emma Arltoft - 3D Art

Theo Dahle - Animation

Sophie Högsta - 2D Art

Jack Lindgren - Lead Audio

Jennifer Andersson - Audio

Tobias Eriksson - Music

Tomas Nyman - Music

Cosette’s Cassettes is a music mobile game with a 90s aesthetic where the player repairs cassettes and listens to audio diaries. The cassettes’ A-sides contain music tracks that can be repaired by adjusting pitch, correcting audio balance and finding lost lyrics. After which the B-side unlocks containing the audio diary the titular Cosette recorded during her upbringing in the 1990s.

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