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Clash of Greedy Crooks

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2-4 local multiplayer game. You choose a champion, it gets stolen, so you steal a better one. Then you battle each other for victory.

Made by

Clash of Greedy Crooks Devs



Jim Andersson - Project Manager, Senior Programmer

Pablo Sorribes Bernhard - Lead Programmer, Sound Designer, Composer

Filip Nilsson - Senior Programmer

Fredrik Lekting - Programmer

Filip Jinstrand - Programmer

Cecilia Sagdahl - Lead Art, 3D

Jeff Natvik - 3D

Kristina Jönsson - 3D

Love Dagerborn - 3D

Stephanie Behre - 3D

Emil Gradén - 2D

Robin Håkansson - 2D

Maximilian Leiding - 2D

Linus Van Der Putten - 2D

Julia Kobsa - 2D

Ellen Sandersson - 2D

Maxemiliam Heijbel Relam - 2D

Clash of Greedy Crooks is a 2-4 local multiplayer game. Each player gets to choose a champion and then battle each other for victory. After each battle all players gets to choose a new champion and then battle again. First player to 3 victories wins the game.The "Picking Phase" is a competitive part of the game. Here you can steal the other player's champions, but this crookery comes with a price:

The stolen Champion gets worse stats, eg. less health, lower speed or inverted controls.

Play your cards right in the Picking Phase and you may just breeze through the Arena Phase with your powerful champion.

This was a collaboration between three classes at YRGO in Gothenburg: Game Programming, Computer Graphics and Digital Design. We made this game in four weeks.

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