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A Journey Through Valhalla

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A co-op third-person action-adventure game set in the world of the Norse mythology where you and your friends take on daunting challenges!

Made by

Team Sämst



Mio Engel - Game Developer

Robin Bramsäter - Game Developer

Mikael Berglund - Game Developer

After dying in in battle you wake up in Valhalla where you will have to face the challenges put forth by the ancient gods, unravel the mysteries that is set before you and quickly become a skilled warrior.

A Journey Through Valhalla is a third-person co-op adventure game where you get to experience the epic fights that always are present in the world from the Norse mythology. As your character gains experience you will need to specialize your skills and your weaknesses. As you get better in some ways, you will get worse in others.

Solve the challenges in what way suits your party's playstyle best; it may be either by brute force, cunning or stealth. Every challenge is possible to solve in multiple ways!

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