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Sky Traveller



Colosal Alpha Frog


Jump, climb and dash your way through floating islands while avoiding obstacles to reach your destination.


Jens Granstöm - Art

Johanna Pettersson - Art

Alazar - Art

Rasmus Rantamäki - Art

Drillon Sadiku - Art

Fredrik Nyrell - Level Design

Albin Hyseini - Level Design

Fredrik Westerlund - Level Design

Andrés Ramirez - Level Design

Mikael Said - Programming

Markus Wikström - Programming

Joel Danzer - Programming

Jarl Ottenby - Programming

Oskar Magnusson - Programming

Jakob Eklund - Programming

In Sky Traveller the player will have to navigate through an obstacle course using various techniques and skills such as wall running, sliding and dashing! The game is played in a first-person perspective. The obstacles that the player will have to navigate past includes llamas spitting at you, as well as successfully not falling from the floating platforms and walls that you can run along. The game has 4 levels that includes multiple sections with additional checkpoints placed between challenges.


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