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Glada Grodor


Your pet is gone and it is up to you to find him!

Challenge 8 unique levels in this casual puzzle game.


Anton Liivak - Programmer

Veronika Wang - Programmer

Morgan Waern Wickström - Programmer

Pu Ekstrand - Programmer

Simon Blass - Programmer


Erik Bautista - Artist

Gevik Shanazari - Artist

Natali Arvidsson - Artist

Alireza Vaezi - Artist


Paul Svahn Moore - Level Designer

Alexandra Kervefors - Level Designer

Goliat Eldh - Level Designer

You play as the small gnome Kurtis, who continues to lose his pet: Mr. Fiddles, in a giant forest. In order to find him, you have to figure out how to create a path towards his rescue and get past all the obstacles that stand in your way. Move rocks, push ladybugs and redirect light so that you’re able to see your pet again!


Kurtis is a casual mobile puzzle game, focused on laying out a plan in your mind and daring to try out new things. There are no time limits or move restrictions; just you and the problem before you.


Can you solve all the mind boggling puzzles and save your pet?


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