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Kunigseq is stranger in a strange land, once a simple spearfisher, they now find themselves blessed by the sea and at the end of the world in search of their loved one.

They will carve a path of blood through the abominations inhabiting this land, make their way forward and never look back.


Catastrophe Theory

Made by



Lukas Åberg - Designer: Mechanic Designer

Oscar Olsson - Designer: Sound Designer

Mattias Huhn - Designer: Narrative / Level Designer

Oscar Widberg - Programmer

Suat Kucukgol - Programmer

Mattia Casamenti - Programmer

Peter Skager - 3D Design: Project Lead

Mikaela Marti - 3D Design

Stefan Dahlberg - 3D Design

Jon Lundqvist - 2D Design

Kai Hänström - 2D Design

William Höglund Mayer - 2D Design



In this hack-n´-slash, action-adventure game you take on the role of a spearfisher blessed by the sea, while they make their way through a rich and detailed world inspired by inuit mythology.


Make use of the interactive combat system and fight your way through hordes of creatures, explore the barren landscape to find the path forward and open the way to the edge of the world.


Each ability empowers the use of the next, and through the power of the sea each enemy will grow closer to a insta-kill with each hit they take!


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