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Swedish Posture - silver sponsor!

We at SGA 2019 are so excited to announce our Silver sponsor - Swedish Posture!

Seven years ago Swedish Posture’s founder paid attention to her own and all other people's iPad necks and slouching backs and decided something needs to be done. Our sedentary society and digital lifestyle is a threat to our posture and our back health. A bad posture is a treat to our appearance, attitude, depth of breath and will most likely increase back and neck pain. Today Swedish Posture have a full range of apparel and products that improves your posture while you’re doing other things. So why not improve your posture while gaming. Swedish Posture is today the world’s leading brand of products that improves and build awareness about good posture and postural training. Swedish Postures products reminds the user rather than support the users muscles and in that way posture is improved over time. We are now working on a project to increase the ability to track and evaluate your posture over a working day or a gaming session as a way to encourage our users about their posture progress. The products can be used both infront of the computer, after gaming or at the gym.

Enjoy the life benefits of a good posture - Enjoy Swedish Posture!

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