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Swedish Game Awards GOLD SPONSOR

Sweden Game Arena proudly sponsors Swedish Game Awards with the purpose of supporting game development students and aspiring game developers all over Sweden.

Sweden Game Arena is a project with the objective to develop game developers and companies through community events and visualization and participation in the global games market.

Sweden Game Arena has a growing community with more than 800 aspiring and professional game developers. Many of them joined us by studying game development at University of Skövde, or by starting their own game company through Science Park Skövde Startup Program.

The Startup Program is an in-house developed, accelerated business program specifically designed for game developers. The program, which is divided into three phases, offers expertise and knowledge of what it takes to start, run and launch a game studio and games on the global games market. This has led to several successful companies, such as Iron Gate Studio, Coffee Stain Studio, PocApp Studio and Stunlock Studio just to name a few.

Sweden Game Conference, October 13-15 Sweden Game Arena is also the organizer of Sweden Game Conference, Northern Europe’s leading conference for game development students, developers and startups. This year, the conference will be both online and in Skövde, filled with inspiration for game developers regarding career, craft, matchmaking and more.

Prizes Sweden Game Arena has some awesome prizes for the winners:

All prize-winners: - Tickets to Sweden Game Conference in Skövde - IndieCator Expo spot, where you can showcase your games

Game of the year: - Tickets to Sweden Game Conference in Skövde - Indiecator Expo spot, where you can showcase your games - Meeting with business coach during Sweden Game Conference - Travel compensation (up to 10 000 SEK)

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