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SGA is coming to Gotland!

With spring looming around the corner, we figured it’s time to let you know when the Swedish Game Awards 2017 will go down! Last year, SGA was held in Skövde, home to Högskolan in Skövde, one of the biggest game development educations in Sweden. Skövde also supports a myriad of indie game studios. This year the torch is handed over to Gotland, more specifically Visby! Like Skövde, Visby is home to a game development education; GAME - the department of Game Design at Uppsala University. The finale expo and gala is going down on the 3rd of June 2017. During the expo, all SGA’17 nominated games will be on display for the general public to play, followed by a gala dinner during which the winners are announced. Game submissions are open from the 1st of May, and the submission deadline is on the 19th of May. All students are eligible to participate, so get those games created!

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