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We are extremely proud to present that Fatshark are supporting SGA as a Main Sponsor of the event!

Fatshark was established in 2007 and the name originates from the – back then – frequently used phrase “Fethaja”, a Swedish version of “Hell Yeah”. Our first game Lead & Gold was, as far as we know, the first indie title to be featured in US magazine Game Informer with its millions upon millions of readers (America’s third-biggest magazine, which unlike the two bigger ones wasn't given out for free to house owners and senior citizens).The Lead & Gold era Fatshark with around 10 developers have since grown to about 150 and the ride has been with full torque to where we are now. Not a hiccup along the way if hiccups along the way are overlooked.Now we want more great people to join us in developing the world’s best co-op games. We have a super cool Fatshark hoodie waiting for you, as well as socks (don’t ask, we give socks to everyone), a superb culture and a great benefits package. Get in touch with us here:

At Fatshark we do what we love most: design, develop and publish high-profile games for PC and consoles, with the passion and freedom of being independent.

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