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Virus Slash



Nivari Entertainment


Virus Slash was created with a cautious approach towards the pandemic. With great respect for the difficulties the world has gone through, the game is a tribute for everyone who has taken their responsibilities during the pandemic. Play Virus Slash, stay at home and let us beat this thing together.


Hanna Hoffman - Game Designer

Alex Rynkowski - Programmer

Eileen Rüegg - Artist

Virus Slash is a mobile game meant to bring people together in these tough, and for many; lonely times. Slash viruses to get points, complete in-game events, level up and receive cool rewards from the safety of your home. Earn your place on the worldwide leader board and watch as your friends and family try to beat your high score. Nurses Hanna, Joy, Alex and many more encourage the player to still keep distance, wear a mask and stay at home as they are enjoying the game.


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