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Abducted Cow Studios


Vimmel is a local multiplayer, hidden object mayhem where you and up to three friends fly around an island and compete in who can find the most hidden objects before the timer runs out!


Simon Hansson - Project Leader, Design Lead, Design

Mio Amanda Jernström - Art Director, Graphics

Eli Renström - Graphics Lead, Graphics

Victoria Ryan - Graphics

Olle Axelsson - Programming Lead, Programming

Ellis Börjesson - Sound & Music Lead, Audio

Jenny Eriksson - Music

David Åkerbrand - Music

Cim Broström - Story Lead, Writing

Ricky Segerbrand - Design

Robert Svärdström - Programming

The friendly invasion of Earth has begun. May the best alien invader win!


Take control of one of the Myll’ers best workers - Whimsi, Array, Clutts, or Muddle - and help them complete their tasks. Use your tractor beam to collect specific objects from a list and bring them back to the mothership. The player who turns in an object will be rewarded with points. Whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins!


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