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To Hel and Back



10 HP Studios


After dying and finding herself in Hel instead of Valhalla, Sif is determined to fight her way out. Are you strong enough to escape Hel?


Project Lead

Elias Herman


Technical Lead

Karim Chanane


Creative Director

Markus Broberg


2D Art

Iris Casado


3D Art

Sassa Sjöberg Lang



Henrik Olsson

Simon Seger



Edvin Skogsholm Sanne


Game Writing

Axel Hellstrand

Markus Broberg



Robin Höglund



Elias Herman

Karim Chanane



Patricia L. Gustafsson


Voice Acting

Hel - Sabina Renck

Sif - Michelle Haughton

Narrator - Markus Broberg

To Hel and Back is a hack-n-slash, roguelike game with Norse mythology themes and fast-paced, exciting gameplay.

Sif Arnesdotter has ended up in Hel after dying from a stray arrow from a nearby battle and considers this a mistake: she should have gone to Valhalla since Hel is, after all, the place for those who do not die a warrior’s death. Determined to decide her own fate, she will try to escape Hel by all means possible, but Hel’s inhabitants and its ruler will not make it easy. Using her battleaxe as well as a magical throwing axe that she can teleport to, Sif will have to fight her way across the seemingly endless bridge that leads to Valhalla. To aid her on her journey she will find runestones that boost her power, but will it be enough to defeat every enemy on her path?


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