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Thorwald's Lament



Monki Flip


Use your otherworldly powers to explore a mysterious corrupted world on a quest to save your dear dog from an unknown monstrous entity.


Anton Liivak - Programmer

Emil Nygren - Programmer

Oliwer Dahlin - Programmer

Perry Ivic - Programmer

Theo Björkhem - Programmer

Tomas Granlund - Programmer


Alexander Berg - Level Designer

Bo Steen - Level Designer

Paul Svahn Moore - Level Designer


Felix Rahm - Artist

Johanna Liw - Artist

Kei Mak - Artist

Malin Sandred - Artist

Nikola Praizovic Hedström - Artist

Play as Thorwald: a man who lost his dear dog to a sudden monster infestation. Command otherwordly powers to fight back against the monsters. Set out on a quest to save your dog and the world from disaster!


Thorwald's Lament is a top down, 2D action-adventure, made at The Game Assembly, Stockholm.


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