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The Unwanted Helper



Arachnophobia Studios


Explore the world from the eyes of a spider, walk on any surface and swing around using a

web. Finish tasks and save your home.


Graphics artist

Alexandra Söderström

Axelina Holmberg Berg

Moa Hansen

Trang Nguyen



Adam Forsell

Christian Seehuusen

Oscar Wilhelmsson
Tove Ahlgren

Victoria Amiri

Play as Kevin the friendly house spider in this hide and seek, 3D spider simulator/game.

Kevin lives in the walls of Eric and Malin’s house and one day he overhears them fighting

about Eric not helping out at home. She threatens to kick him out of the house for someone

better if he does not get his act together. If this falls through, it means Kevin might lose the

comfort of predictability he finds in his human housemates, and that just can't happen!

With this threat looming over Kevin, he takes the matter into his own eight hands to finish the

to-do list Malin left Eric before she returns home. Be careful however, as Kevin's life will

come to a tragic end if Eric sees him running around, and that might happen sooner rather

than later, since the human's irrational fear of spiders makes him check in on the kitchen



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