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The Unseen





The unseen is a suspense filled horror game. Solve puzzles to escape the facility. But be on your watch, there is something lurking in the shadows.


Dan Kärrholm - Lead Game Design, Level Design

Viktor Stålstierna - Lead Sound Design, Game Design

Samantha Baqvel - Lead Art Director, Environment Artist

Can Dursun - VFX, Prop Artist

Freja Hammar - Character, UI, Prop Artist

Vilhelm Stokstad - Lead Programmer


Esteban Morales - Programmer

Cedric Fredmer - Design

Simon Olivecrona - Design

The Unseen is a first person survival-horror game. You are on your way down to the colony’s automated water treatment plant to repair broken machinery when you realize something is deeply wrong. What at first only seemed to be another day at the job has now turned into a nightmare. Your company Paraple Corporation has provided you with a multitool. The multitool has two different modes. One for interacting and repairing, another for scanning. With the multitool you can scan for broken machinery and repair it. But something else gets picked up by the scanner, something unknown.


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