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The Lost Skywhales



Magmaplant Studios


Engage in a beautiful 3D world, solve interesting puzzles & interact with the creatures of the sky.


Julia Ahlberg - Art Director & Artist

Jennifer Lewin - Artist

Malva Malmgren - Artist

Tawan Hjulgren - Artist

Theresa Andersson - Artist

Louise Buller - Project Lead & Programmer

Carl Erlandsson - Programmer

Robin Bono - Programmer

Robin Lindevy - Programmer

The Lost Skywhales lets you engage in a beautiful world, solve interesting puzzles and meet the creatures of the sky. Every few years, a talented witch is tasked with guiding the Sky Whales on their way home. The ancient light towers guiding the whales have dimmed and it is up to you to restore the guiding beacons.


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