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Spite: Drowned Souls





Delve deep into the swamps of Nwaye as a Witch Doctor, wielding powerful spells and a ghostly avatar, trying to lift a terrible curse.



August Wahlberg

Carolina Buskas

Erik Billgren


Albin Canbäck

Ellen Johnson

Sara Fjellstedt

Sanna Friberg


Level Design

Gabriel Hector
Robin Jansson



Casper Mårtensson

Casper Stein

Fabian Haglund

Jens Berg

Johan Wikström

Martin Mossberg


Technical Art 

Hugo Abrahamsson Bonnevier

Isac Stahl

Sebastian Nemeth


Music & Audio
Martin Mossberg

Spite: Drowned Souls is an Action-RPG heavily inspired by Diablo 3.


You play as a young witch doctor on a mission to rid a swamp of its curse. The character has access to three different abilities, but you soon unlock a second form and with that three additional abilities. Throughout the story the character levels up, earning experience points, which can be used to enhance their abilities.


The game has several levels and a hub which the player will return to in order to advance the story by interacting with the trapped elder of the local people.

The cursed swamplands are inhabited by five different types of enemies, ranging from possessed villagers to hulking treefolk and swarming leeches. The experience culminates with a three-phased boss battle with the awakened god, Grangou.

Our engine, Monostein, and the game were both developed over the course of 14 weeks.


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