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Set Sail!



Fender Games


A semi-realistic sailing game set in the Swedish Archipelago. Find the right angle for your sail to catch the wind!


Erica Granqvist - Programming/Art

Axel Ingelsson Fredler - Programming/Audio

Pontus Joneström - Programming/Game Design/Art

Andreas Retzius - Programming/UI

Egil Österlind - Programming/Game Design



Mats Fridberg

Set in the Swedish archipelago, Set Sail! lets the player control their own sail boat as they make their way towards the game’s goal: their home.

During their journey they encounter several different dangerous obstacles, like ferries and water scooters, all while having to avoid running aground.

In order to dodge these dangers of the Swedish archipelago, the player has to use the rudder and turn the sail of the boat to the right angle to catch the wind, while also trying to complete levels as fast as possible to get the highest possible rating.

However, the game is not just about evading dangers, racing against the clock and getting the best ratings, it’s also about enjoying the unique setting of Sweden’s beautiful archipelago and the game’s sound and music.

So put on your captain’s hat, raise the anchor, unfurl the sail and Set Sail!


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