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Secret Maze



ETC Lundberg


Secret Maze is an ambient exploration game with tilt controls.

Explore interconnected mazes, collect hidden souvenirs in a calm environment.


Christoffer Lundberg - Programming, Game Design & Level Design

Sofia Almqvist - Graphics

Oscar Lundberg - Music & Sound effect

Resources - Level ambience “Relaxing” CCBY Benson

Secret Maze is inspired by the analogue marble labyrinth games and the ball is controlled by tilting your phone or by using the virtual joystick. When the ball enters a hole, instead of restarting the level you enter a new room and the rooms are interconnected in a sprawling maze. There are no enemies or hazards in the rooms, the game is about navigating the maze and understanding how different rooms are connected. Players that pay extra attention will find hidden objects and secret paths.

Stress is a common problem today and a lot of people have problems sleeping and use their phone to calm down which has a counterproductive effect. The goal of Secret Maze is to work as a micro meditation and calm place in stressful environments.


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