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Team 01


In the modern world, diseases run rampant. The medical world organization is failing to keep up. Biological drugs and cures are not cutting it anymore. After many years of despair, Scientists in nanotechnology finally found the answer.




Introducing a robotic pill that can enter the body. Find the heart of the disease, release the cure, and in turn bring health and happiness back to the modern world.


Chi Kin Chong - Character and Environment Artist

Jesper Enbom - Game Designer, Level Designer, QA, and UI Technician

Felipe Fleming - Level Design QA

Björn Fritzon - Main mechanic Designer, Project Manager, and Sound Technician

João Kalva - Character, Technical, Environment and VFX Artist

Simon Norrmén - Environment and VFX Artist

Play as Pillbot, the newly invented technology in first-class nanotechnology medicine. Pillbot has access to platforming abilities to move through the body. The most crucial such functionality is the bio-magnetic laser. A laser that pulls or pushes biological organisms.


Use the bio-magnetic laser to pull on an organism to reach heights inaccessible by Pillbot. Use the push function to launch Pillbot to distances far while avoiding the stomach’s acid and natural hazards inside the body.


Thread through the body from the stomach to the heart of the disease. Keep Pillbot alive, to fulfil its primary function, to release a cure and save a life.


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