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Comfy Council Studios


Mantallion - an underwater SCHMUP game with dynamic music progression, clean and vibrant art style and challenging yet addicting gameplay.


Dionysios Adamopoulos - Programmer

Sonja anders - Graphics

Frida Björnfot - Graphics

Maximillian Feig - Graphics & Audio

John widmark - Project Owner

Rong Kun Sun - Project Manager

Mantallion is a fast-paced, synthwave themed Shoot 'Em Up where you have to take control of a manta and find friendly fish to send into battle against the deep-sea foes coming to infiltrate your home. While playing you will have to manage your main resource of friendly fish very carefully in order to survive, while also trying to gain as many points as possible by killing enemies. Accompanying you are both beautiful neon, synthwave inspired visuals and a dynamically evolving soundtrack based on your points

An 8 week university project created by a team of 6 first year students studying at Uppsala University Campus Gotland.


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