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Lake Legends

Cross Platform


Fish O'Holics


Test your skills hunting for the most legendary fish of Nogurr! Earn money through fishing and upgrade your gear to improve your chances of catching those legendaries!



Jack Karlsson

Felix Dauber

Xiaodi Wang

Björn Klarström

Johan Hammarström

Simon Magnusson

Linus Åkesson



Jack Jarvis

Niklas Ahlsten

Max Pook

Matias Gesche



Sophie Edqvist

David Carlsson

Markus Åkesson

Jacob Romare

Lake Legends is a casual fishing game where the goal is to catch all the fish and collect all the gear. It was made as a student project at Forsberg


All fish have different stats and rarities making the game interesting long term and your gear stats work in tandem with the fish stats. Each time you catch something there's a chance that it's a treasure chest containing some gear or a fish worth silver/gold


Then there's also the market where you can buy clams containing gear or bait and the fish ledger where you can track all the fishes you’ve caught


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