Kinzo: God's Mistake



Mega Bite


Follow Kinzo on his rampant quest to slay God!


Anton Liivak - Programmer

Morgan Waern Wickström - Programmer

Joel Schultz - Programmer

Eric Karlsmyr - Programmer

Teo Silfverhjelm - Programmer


Olle Drakenberg - Level Designer

Paul Svahn Moore - Level Designer

Martin Larsson - Level Designer


Emily Tillberg - Artist

Sara Lind - Artist

Patrik Idnert - Artist

Gevik Shanazari - Artist

Kinzo's one true love has been taken away from him by none other than God. Follow him on his rampant quest to slay Him in this one of a kind Shoot Em' Up.


Blast your way through 3 different levels as you create havoc in God's army.


Kinzo: God's Mistake is an action Shoot Em' Up made at The Game Assembly, Stockholm.