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Holey Moley



I Dig It Games


Would you enjoy heaven as a mole? Or would you HATE it? Can you avoid all the stressful elements and at the same time succeed in your ingenious escape plan?


Sebastian Lian - Project Manager/Designer

Linus Herding - Lead Art/Narrator

Vidar Grönros - Lead Designer/Programmer

Ermioni Pavlidou - Art

Felicia Kyrling - Art

João Kalva - Art

Damien Hallström - Designer/Programmer


Nature. A beautiful thing, filled with all kinds of life. And in the blink of an eye, life can be taken away. But for a particular little mole, the story has only just begun. In Holey Moley you play as a mole that has died and woken up in heaven. All the bright light, airy clouds and friendly neighbors that want to engage in chit chat with you, are a huge change from your dark and lonely hole. Some would say for good, but one thing is true: you HATE this! So, you come up with a plan. There is only one way to escape this nightmare… to get re-evaluated by your actions so that you get kicked out of there. Your goal is now set: you must make everyone miserable; and at the same time, you have to try and avoid anything that stresses you out. Will you succeed?


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