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Gnome Gardeners



Novibes Games


In Gnome Gardeners, a team of players will step into the roles of garden gnomes, working to maintain a garden, by planting plants, caring for plants, harvesting plants, and finally delivering plants to the human owners.


Martin Zetterman - Lead Designer (Product Owner), Level Designer

Nguyen Robertson - Producer, Level Designer

Ace Young - Programmer, Project Manager

Mette Christiansen - Line Artist

Lynn Angerer - Art Lead, Animator

Martina Oyhenard Vazquez - Color Artist

Paul Brandstetter - Lead Programmer, Unity Lead

Urtė Siliūtė - Technical Artist

Gnome Gardeners is a cooperative time trial garden management game where you and a friend switch between detachable arms to use different tools, overcome natural disasters and see your garden bloom! Till the soil with your hoe, take a seed with your shovel and plant it, water a plant with the watering can and give it fertilizer with the pitchfork. After a plant has grown or wilted, take it with the sickle to either the basket or compost. GnomeGardeners requires you and your friends to cooperate with each other, managing time, needs and tools in order to maximize the happiness of your human patrons.


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