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Frog On A Trip



Hazed Tadpoles


‘Frog On A Trip’, is a frog’s psychedelic journey through a strange desert. A physics-based game made with a deep love for movement and game mechanics. Navigate a floaty, bouncy, funky, tripped-out little frog trying to make his way to the jungle paradise on the horizon. What weird mysteries hide under the dunes… and what can be found at the edge of reality? Is it real, is it a mirage, or is it altogether something else?


Jesper Enbom

Project Manager, Technical Design, Level Design & UI

Jac Carlsson

Technical Design, Physics System & Movement Design, Camera System Design & AI

Helge Åkerman

Music, Sound Design, Technical Audio Design & Level Design

Karl Längberg

Environment Artist, Concept Artist & 3D Artist

Marcus Lembke

Art Direction, Technical Artist, Level Artist & Lighting Artist

The game's movement reimagines a car in a racing game, replacing the four-wheeled machine with a levitating frog. Floating like a balloon, it steers across the arid landscape with its tongue, bouncing and swinging along the way - like Spiderman on mushrooms in the desert. Submit to the sublime mystery of the game's world and everything will start to make sense. Created with the idea that success is an intuitive and liberating process, the idea is simple: if it feels good, it is all groovy!


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