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Fridge Helper





Manage your fridge while pleasing your pet dinosaur.


Christoffer Lundberg

Music - Holiday Gift CCBY Kai Engel

Once again I find myself in the middle of the month with only 100$ left in my bank account.

There’s plenty of food in the fridge but I can’t go out because of the quarantine.

These are the times when I’m starting to regret that I adopted a pet dinosaur.

Dino can’t go without food for too long before starting to rawr and gnaw on the kitchen furniture.

My landlady prohibits dinosaurs in the apartment which would get us both thrown out on the streets.

Can both of us manage the fridge and survive for 14 days?


The idea of the game comes from the change of food consumption while in lockdown. How you need to plan more ahead, the lure of bulk deals. And how it relates to “fridge tetris”, food wastes and mindfulness about what you actually end up eating. Simply: what it would mean to take care of a pet dinosaur in 2020!


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