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Colosal Alpha Frog


Your foolish curiosity leads you to face the unresolved mysteries of the forgotten depths.


Jens Granstöm - Art

Johanna Pettersson - Art

Alazar - Art

Rasmus Rantamäki - Art

Drillon Sadiku – Art


Fredrik Nyrell – Level Design

Albin Hyseini – Level Design

Fredrik Westerlund – Level Design

Andrés Ramirez – Level Design


Mikael Said – Programming

Markus Wikström – Programming

Joel Danzer – Programming

Jarl Ottenby – Programming

Oskar Magnusson – Programming

Jakob Eklund – Programming

Collect the memoirs of the past and hold on to your sanity. In Delirium the player will have to explore old and forgotten bunkers, caves and mines to solve the mystery hidden within these locations. Read through notes and find keys, all while avoiding the previous resident lurking around the hallways looking for their next victim. The player has no way to fight back, and must run and hide to save themself.


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