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Key Slam Games


The last faun of the forest embarks on an adventure to cleanse the forest of Eastrot from the corruption spreading through it.


Key Slam Games

Riday Ahammed - Designer / Programmer
Linus Edlund - Lead VFX & SFX / Designer
Gustav Carlberg - Lead Programmer / Backend Developer
Johanna Carlsson - Environment Artist / Background Artist
Siri Kjerf - Environment Artist / Animator
Nathalie Pettersson - Lead Animator / Artist
Julius Sellgren - Lead Designer / Tool Developer
Vendela Snitt - Lead Environment Artist / Product Owner

Corruption is a 2D puzzle-platformer game.


Explore the forest while overcoming obstacles with features like jumping, climbing, and lifting objects. Collect corruption orbs to cure the forest and unlock more abilities throughout the gameplay as the journey gets increasingly difficult.


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