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When creating Carnage, we aimed for a feeling of "mindless fun", where the player can enjoy a nice FPS with lots of gore. The goal is for the player to feel powerful and



Andreas Larsson - Creative lead

Deborah Carlander - Project lead


Alexander Vikberg - Lead programmer

Axel Nyström Svensson

Carl Eriksson

Graphics and Animation

Jakob Segerdahl - Lead Art, 2D

Johan Hoof - 3D

Jakkapan Chainilwan - Animation

Game Writing

Jacob Andersson Hedberg

Sound effects

Simone Hildén


Leonora Carolina Phil

Simon Lager Brink


You find yourself in an asylum with demon like monsters emerging on you in each room. Fight your way through the asylum and try to figure out what is going on in this brutal bloodfest!


Carnage is a rougelike FPS with procedurally generated maps, where the player has to defeat all enemies in a room in order to progress to the next. When a room is cleared, the player has a chance of getting an item that can upgrade stats, the weapon and/or heal the player.


There is also a story that unfolds the further a player gets in the game. Whenever the player dies, they enter a hub where there are scrawls and pictures displayed on the walls, indicating the true meaning of the game. If the player reaches a new level, the scrawls change and new text and pictures start to appear instead.


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