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SoftBlob Studios


Help your friend who’s trapped in a strange Swedish cottage, while trying to survive the unknown horrors haunting the house.


Cecilia Bohlin - Game Artist

Josephine Eriksson - Game Artist

Alexander Livholts - Game Artist

David Rubarth - Game Artist

Atthasith Saysupan - Game Artist

Hanna Anderberg - Level Designer

Felype Arévalo Arancibia - Level Designer

Emil Lindoff - Level Designer

Magnus Magnusson - Level Designer

Haqvin Bager - Game Programmer

Hugo Beguier - Game Programmer

Aki Gonzalez - Game Programmer

Alexander Matthäi - Game Programmer

Nicolas Risberg - Game Programmer

Axel Savage - Game Programmer

Besöket is a first-person horror game inspired by SOMA. You respond to a cry of help from your friend, locked in a strange Swedish cottage. Find a way to free your friend, solve the puzzles all while evading the unknown horrors of the house. You better be careful, or this act of kindness might be your last.

The game was developed using our in-house engine IronWrought, over 8 weeks at The Game Assembly.


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