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Beer & Plunder



The Chaotic Cohort


Please rowdy customers with beer and entertainment, and fight the troublemakers in your very own viking pub!


Johan Ahlsten - Programmer
Jonatan Johansson - Programmer
Jacob Lundberg - Programmer
Jimmy Saarela - Programmer

Linda Davidsson - Lead Art
Robin Ekström - Art
Kristina Jönsson - Art
Alice Persdotter Rydberg - Art, Lead Design

Beer & Plunder is about running a viking bar - and everything that this entails. Running a pub is difficult alone, luckily you can invite up to three friends to play along with you.

The goal of the game is to make enough gold each shift to keep your pub going. Serve your customers well, and quickly, to keep them paying. But, beware of the tiny thief - he comes out to steal any gold lying unprotected on the ground!


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