Astro Lizard



Hot Spring Monkeys


You have crashlanded your ship on an unknown planet, and you have been separated from your ship. Explore and solve puzzles to find a way to your ship so you can go home.


Tova Nyström - Animator

Fei Berg Hulthèn - Animator

Emil Maris - Level Designer

Alexander Sandén - Level Designer

Bastian Randau - Level Designer

Jacob Kroon - Artist

Fer Kitsawat - Artist

Leon Savelind - Artist

Harald Wergeland - Programmer

Marc Nilsson - Programmer

Albin Engström - Programmer

Stefan Ekelund - Technical Artist

Tim Holst - Technical Artist

Alexander Westlund - Music and Sound

Astro Lizard is a third-person platformer inspired by Rime's art style and Super Mario Sunshine's movement. The game is developed over 7 weeks in our own engine. This was our last project together at The Game Assembly.