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Sleipner Games


Explore a world where you need to utilize your alkali metal physical properties to navigate campaign levels and player-made environments.


Kristoffer Almroth - Programmer, Designer, SFX

Anton le Clercq - Programmer, Deisgner, Art

Martin Åhgren - Music

Alkali is a precision platformer inspired by the chemical reactions of alkali metals. Use your physical properties to propel yourself across a variety of dangerous levels, coupling traditional platforming mechanics with the mass-based mechanics of the alkalic main character. Collect chunks of metal to grow yourself, leap into the water for an explosive jump, or barely graze past a whirring saw with just a sliver of body remaining in this new title from Sleipner Games.

Explore a total of 4 different worlds: Mesa Plateau, Ice Caves, and their corresponding dark versions filled with more challenging obstacles. The high skill ceiling lends itself well to speedrunning, where the goal is to finish the game or individual levels as fast as possible. The game also includes a fully fledged level editor where users can create their own levels and play levels created by other people.


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