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Titanium Core


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Tactical Turn-based Strategy

Titanium Core is all about adapting to the current situation. Commanding a squad of mechs equipped with different setups of weaponry, It is up to the player to decide when to activate their one time use abilities and choosing which weapons to attack with. With our chance to hit combat the player gets rewarded when positioning their mechs well and if they place them behind cover, reduces the enemies chance to hit them. Each weapon has a perfect range which is its optimal range to shoot from. Straying away from that perfect range lowers the chance to hit with that weapon. It is key to position the mechs so that the weapons shoot from their perfect range to lower the risk of missing.

Team OS

Made by



Driton Gashi - Project Manager, UX Designer, Gameplay Designer, Technical Designer, Animator

Per Åkerström- Lead Programmer

Anton Skatt - Gameplay Programmer, Sound Designer, Gameplay Designer

Mirel Grigore - Tools Programmer, Visual Programmer

Hampus Vretinger - Game Designer, Level Design, Technical Designer

Andreas Tobiasson - Level Designer, UX Designer, Narrative Designer, Game Designer

Fredrik Gard - 3D Artist, Technical Artist

Lalla Ksiezopolski - Environment Artist

Sam Kohvakka - Character Artist

Tua Wester - VFX Artist

Oneal Priyanto - 2D Artist, Concept Artist

Eddi Pettersson - Concept Artist

Mariana Salimena- UI Artist, UX Designer, Art Lead


Titanium Core is a tactical turn based strategy game set in alternate history. The Roman Empire never fell and instead they conquered the world. It is up to you to lead a squad of celtic mechs on three different missions against the romans. Each of your three mechs are equipped with special weaponry. The ranger, excels at close combat with its heavy hitting shotgun. The grenadier loves to blast big areas with her explosives at mid range, and lastly the sniper is perfect for finishing off enemies from a long distance. Only with clever strategic choices can you lead the celtic resistance to victory and liberate Britannia from roman control.

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