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The Owlchemist, Mire of Malice


Genre      -

Platform -

Survival Role-Playing Adventure

Take the role of the Owlchemist, on a quest to cleanse a creeping corruption that is twisting the living into vile beings of darkness.

12 Owls

Made by



Anton Samuelsson - Game Designer

Daniel Grönkvist - Game Designer

Josefin Folkesson - Game Designer

Fredrik Holmgren - Programmer

Kasper Enwall - Programmer

Folke Ströving Nielsen - Programmer

Evelyn Pettersson - 3D Artist

Robin Lingmerth - 3D Artist

Tua Wester - 3D Artist

Sanna Persson - 3D Artist

Sara Gollbo - 2D Artist

Gustaf Hammerth - 2D Artist


You as the player enters the role of the Owlchemist, an old and fragile, but knowledgeable bird, on a mission to cleanse a lurking corruption in the mire. Twisted creatures of the darkness is lurking in the shadows so be aware. Use the light of your torch to keep them and the fog at bay as you gather the necessary ingredients in order to craft potions with cleansing-, healing-, or defensive powers. The owlchemist can only stay in the mire for so long before the corruption claims her life, so use your limited time well. Follow the letters you receive and complete the story of The Owlchemist, Mire of Malice.

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