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The Black Rose


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You’re going on a date but not everything is as it seems. A dark secret is waiting for you. Are you brave enough to venture forth into this place of terrors?

Team 6

Made by



Alfred Ruckle - Game Design, Programming

John Walden - Game Design, Music & Sound Design

Malin Wong - Game Design, Level Design

Lovisa Pärli - 2D, Art Lead

Lilly Wang - 2D

Sabina Byström - 3D

Vincent Brandt - 3D, Technical Artist

Corinne Boman - 3D
Stephanie Strand - 3D, Animations

Marcus Björk - Programming

Dag Wirström - Programming

Khomsan Bangbor - Programming


The Black Rose is a first person, psychological horror experience. The player is invited out on a date to the infamous Black Rose bar, however once inside they soon discover that something is terribly wrong. Explore the nature of the Black Rose and venture deep into its belly. Interact with objects and find hidden notes left behind in order to discover the dark truth; the further in you go, the more secrets you will uncover. You are not so innocent as you may think.

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