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The Adventures of Mr Hedgehog


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Adventure, Puzzle, Kids

The game is aimed for children at the ages of 5-10 years old and is meant to encourage learning and curiosity through different puzzles and tasks Mr. Hedgehog tackles during his adventures. The narrative encourages fellowship, rewarding friendships and an urge to help your friends.

Hedgehog Studios

Made by



Alexander Malthed: Scripter, Level Designer

Clara Swahn: Project Manager, Storywriter, Concept Artist, Environment Artist, Asset Artist

Daniel Maurin: Asset Artist, Environment Artist, Animator, Concept Artist, 2D Artist

Ekaterina Li: Asset Artist, Storywriter, Environment Artist

Filip Lindgren: Scrum Master, Scripter, Level Designer

Johanna Nilsson: Concept Artist, 2D Artist, Storywriter

Simon Norell Hörnqvist: Storywriter, Level Designer, Voice Actor, Editor


The Adventures of Mr Hedgehog is a single player game where you take control of a small hedgehog after a storm has blown through the forest.

Go on an adventure to see if you can help his friends in need. Explore rich and detailed environments as you make your way through the woods. Complete puzzles for your friends and invite them to your birthday party!

But beware, there might be something dark lurking in the forest that might not be as friendly.

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