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Adventure, Platformer, Coop

Symbio is a 2D two-player coop platform experience where only one player can see at a time. Help one another to overcome obstacles by reaching out your hand and guide your partner through darkness


Made by



Jesper Bergman - Lead Design
Kristina Stiskaite - Scrum Master
Zhang Hangning - Programmer
Wang Kaijun - Programmer & Sound
Alexander Sinn - VFX & Character Art
Merve Metinkol - Environment Art


In Symbio, two forest creatures that could have not been more different team up in order to climb a tree. Being either nocturnal or diurnal, the two animals have to rely on their partner to guide them through the darkness. During their journey, the two players that can not see each other not only have to communicate, but also need to hold hands in order to overcome challenges. Symbio is a new and fresh approach to cooperative gaming by incorporating physical, human touch into its gameplay and a unique experience t hat can barely be described in words.

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