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Swedish Meatballs


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Four kids are vying for supremacy in a sport that's taking the world by storm, all to the sound of cheering crowds & rambling broadcasters.

The Cake Initiative

Made by



Alfred Carlsson - Creative Lead

Ludvig Holmstedt - Project Lead

Cecilia Höglund - Graphic Lead

Alexander Larsson - Sound/Music Lead

Fredrik Andersson - Programming Lead


Linus Persson Lundh, Elias Gustavsson - Game Writing

Pontus Johansson, Tim Cook, Fredrik Andersson - Programming

Alexander Larsson, San Liljeholm Wik - Sound

Jacob Farnelid - Music

Cecilia Höglund, Karolina Neckman - 3D Graphics

Jonas Gustafsson, Angelica Holst - Animation

Saga Tjerngren - 2D Graphics

Alfred Carlsson, Ludvig Holmstedt - Design


Swedish Meatballs is a light-hearted party game take on the classic third-person shooter, where up to four players take each other on using meatball-firing weapons, seeking to control the objective in order to score points.

Controls and gameplay would be immediately familiar to any fan of the genre, while the focus on fast-paced, casual fun allows even the most inexperienced of gamers to have a blast, while a grappling hook and dash creates mobile, engaging gameplay.

Setting this game apart from other shooters is its unique premise and presentation. In a world where the sport of firing meatballs at each other, not entirely dissimilar to paintball, has exploded into a global phenomenon, the Swedish Meatball circuit is its equivalent to football's Premier League. While fighting for the control point, players will be regaled with the rather unique utterances of the commentator duo, supplying anything from state-of-the-game information to tangents & banter.

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