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Summit is a adventure, puzzle, platformer made to feel like a old styled adventure game with a beautiful environment.

Team Climber

Made by



Jesper Bentzer - Gamedesign

Karl Asp - Gamedesign

Malin Wong - Gamedesign


Tua Wester - 3D Artist

Tim Wiberg - 3D Artist

Nemania Zivic - 3D Artist


Sara Golbo - 2D Artist

William Höglund Mayer - 2D Artist

Emma Ekström - 2D Artist


Mattias Kimber - Programmer, music and sound effects

Allan Samil - Programmer

Henrik Enqvist - Programmer


Summit is a colorful puzzle/platformer which takes inspiration from classic 3D platformers. The game was developed for a school project across 5 weeks, as an exercise on emergent gameplay. The player is given only a few mechanics which has to be used in combination with the environment to climb through the level and eventually reach the top. There are many ways to use the mechanics, and the player is encouraged to be creative and find their own solutions.

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