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Sthlm Sunset


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Platform -

Open World Action Role Playing

SthlmCorp mining corporation has replaced all of its workers with efficient robots, and silenced the disgruntled humans by severing their legs. Use your bow to destroy this evil

Elusive Loaf

Made by



Flovin Michaelsen - Programming

Oliver Nyholm - Programming

Sebastian Grape - Programming

Eric Hildebrand - Programming

Sedin Mesic - Programming

Emma Göransson – Programming

Sofie Palén – Programming

Daniel Aladics – Programming

Emil Hylén – Programming

Fredrik Bladh – Programming Robin Ericsson – Programming

Kasper Andersson – Programming

Jesper Bergman – Tech Art

Joel Rayner – Tech Art

Adrian Björkerud – Tech Art

Anton Lindgren – Tech Art

Charles Wänéus – Tech Art

Andreas Cramer – Art

Adam Karlsson – Art

André Rondahl – Art

Alina Gromova – Art

Ludvig Olsson – Art

Manne Westmark – Art

Ruben Dahlstrand – Art

Olof Eneroth – Art

Carl Palm – Level Design

Kevin Osgyan – Level Design

Daniel Svahn – Level Design

Gustav Stigenius – Level Design

Jesper Börjesson – Level Design


Made by a team of 30 students(a merger between two groups Wizard Loaf & Elusive Tail) at The Game Assembly over the course of 10 weeks.
The game setting is desert-like and aims to be (somewhat) open world rpg including resource gathering, exploration, quest objectives as well as character progression. Total game time should be around 30 minutes if played in its entirety.
The engine used is our own Yellowsnow/Jazz engine and the reference game is Horizon Zero Dawn.

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