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Stellar Transports


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Stellar Transports, a puzzle platformer about loading space trucks with crates of various wacky shapes and properties. And time is short!

Stellar Twelve

Made by



Creative director - Fredrik Brunnberg

Project lead - Carl Levin (50%)

Project lead - Jonas Malmevik (50%)

Design & Game writer Lead - Carl Levin (50%)

Design & Game writer Lead - Viktor Sten (50%)

Art Lead - Anders Björkman

Sound & Music lead - Johannes Carlsson

Programmer lead - Oscar Nordström (50%)

Programmer lead - Jonas Malmevik (50%)

Level design - Carl Levin

Management design - Viktor Sten

Concept & Story - Fredrik Brunnberg

Game Writer & Event manager - Claes Svensson

Art director & UI design - Vargdis Åslund

Character design & Animation - Knut B Hindersson

Environment artist & Animation - Gabriel Andersson

Box artist & Environment artist - Anders Björkman

Sound design - Albin Klinth

Voice actor - Erik Andersson

Music design - Erik Andersson

Music design - Johannes Carlsson

Programmer - Jonas Malmevik

Programmer - Oscar Nordström

Programmer - Ambjörn Schiemann

Programmer - Alexander Macri


Logistics company Stellar Transports is in financial ruins! In this puzzle platformer you help the happy-go-lucky alien Gadwok move crates from the company hangar onto incoming space trucks. Fill the daily quota to keep the company from going bankrupt! The crates have various shapes and properties making it a challenging task. Some crates bounce, some float in mid air and others turn invisible when you look directly at them. Most challenging of all - time is running out, all the time! How you fill the quota is up to you, as long as the crates end up in the right zones on the ship you get paid. Will you stack carefully to optimize the space or go wild and throw crates hoping at least some will end up where they should? The most important part is that you have fun doing it!

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